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And sometimes we don't say a thing;

Just listen to the crickets sing.

I can bite your head off and be your best friend three seconds later. I won't stand for mean comments, or homophobia. I'm passionate, affectionate, loveable, huggable and a goofball. Without sarcasm, I'm nothing. I could quite possibly live on Diet Soda and Chicken tenders if that was all that was left. My trust is easy to gain and hard to lose. I see the best in people, and I'm easily broken at the same time I'm easy to put back together. I can bounce back from something like a ball on a string. I hate hateing people. I love loveing people. Panic(!) At the Disco, Rent, and everything that comes from the speakers of my iHome make me whole and keep me sane. I love living, and I'm too empathetic for my own good.

I could also talk for hours about myself and never be completely satsifyed.
I can't spell to save my life.